Friday, December 31, 2010

Sexiest Pouts a la Jolie!

Get Angelina Jolie's Lips

One of sexiest looking pouts among celebrity women - Angelina Jolie has natural-looking lips. To achieve this look, follow the directions below, and most importantly, have fun!


  1. Exfoliate your lips with a warm, wet wash cloth by wiping back and forth gently or use a lip scrub (try "the lip scrub"). Be careful not to overdo it - you don't want your lips to become so irritated its counterproductive. Be gentle, you don't want to burn yourself or irritate your skin.
  2. Apply a good lip plumper (the most recent in lip enhancing technology). There are a few good brands that will literally plump up, smooth out and moisten your lips. For a natural alternative, cayenne pepper or salt can be used - but these can be irritating and drying to the lips. Apply a very small amount of the powder across the lips, and top with your favorite lip gloss. The cayenne will plump and color the lips by making the blood flow increase (the same action the lip plumpers create), and the gloss will provide shine and moisture.
  3. Line and fill in your lips with a light brown or nude lip liner pencil (match your skin tone as closely as you can).
  4. Apply a matte flesh-toned lipstick.
  5. Blot the lipstick by gently pressing your lips closed with a tissue in-between.


  • Alternatively, some lip glosses (like Lip Venom) use ginger and cinnamon to increase circulation in your lips to create fuller "bee-stung" looking lips. The cost of this beauty might be a slight burning feeling in your lips. However there is danger of an allergic reaction, so don't lick your lips or your throat may swell up which is extremely dangerous.
  • Reduce shine and make your lipstick last longer by adding an ever-so-thin layer of baby powder with a brush.
  • If the look is a bit harsh for your taste, try adding some shine with clear gloss.
  • Make-up artists like this trick, too. Add dimension by taking a liner about 2 shades darker than the lipstick and drawing in a "shadow line" under the middle of the bottom lip. This can be very tricky to master, so make sure you practice before you wear it out. Study pictures of celebrities who have similar lip shapes to your own and try to copy the shadow line found on them.
  • Another way to make your lips appear fuller is to use a dark lip liner. Make your mouth into an "O" and apply to the corners of your mouth. Blend up and down with your finger.
  • Try to constantly use a lip gloss that has peppermint, spearmint, or cinnamon in it, preferably Mentha shine from Bath and Body Works.
  • Using medicated lip balms, such as Carmex is great for keeping your lips soft and beautiful. Also, they're more receptive to treatments, such as plumping and infused lip glosses.
  • If you have full lips, don't use lip plumper.
  • Lip plumpers only last for a given time (depends on brand). For more long term results, be sure to buy one that includes peptides that stimulate your own body into making more collagen. Take note and find out exactly what active ingredient is in your lip plumper so you can make an educated purchase decision.


  • Do not get so focused on your lips that you lose sight of how beautiful the rest of your face is.
  • Nature usually shapes the lips to fit in with the other features on the face. The correct balance is much better than something completely out of proportion.
  • Also do not forget that this 'bee stung' type look is just a fashion statement. Next year tiny lips, (which are cute) could be all the rage!
  • If you do want to try the lipstick type so-called plumpers, read the online reviews, particularly the unbiased ones. It seems most of them do not work.
  • A better attitude, a different style of clothing, or a different hair color might be a lot more important than attempting to mimic Hollywood's current favorite lips.
  • Be yourself. It is important that you do not get obsessed with getting someone else's features. It is alright to enhance your looks and feel more attractive, but stay true to who you are and do not get obsessed over it.
  • If a lipstick plumper hurts your lips it most likely has a chemical you are allergic to in it. Go for a higher up brand.
  • If you're putting on makeup, focus either your lips or your eyes, never both; it can look clownish.

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