Sunday, December 12, 2010

Different attractions of New York City

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New York New York had been calling our name lately so I thought I’d head over to the North East of USA to see what all the fuss was about.
While we didn’t find anything too quirky in the city itself, once we ventured out a little further we come across some truly remarkable odd-ball attractions.
Want to see what we found? Read on and take a look!
1. Secret Caverns: A Hole with a Heart: Cobleskill, New York
Enter a whole new world when you embark on a tour of the Secret Caverns. This commercial cave offers an underground boat ride, a wedding chamber and a 100-foot waterfall.
Above ground, you will be bombarded with clever billboards and a whole range of money-sucking diversions including the opportunity to pan for gemstones.
2. House of Frankenstein Wax Museum: Lake George, New York
Enter this house of screams and you will soon discover the true torture some locals feel of living in New York.
Be careful not to bump into any of the dummies that are sprawled about the place, since you are also likely to come across an axe or two along with them.

3. Magic Forest: Lake George, New York
Lake George’s Magic Forest brings the world of fairytales to life in perhaps the most vivid way possible.
You will be greeted by the “world’s largest Uncle Sam”, which is closely followed up by a giant Santa statue. Venture a little further and you will come across The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel and the Two Muffler Men; two incredibly strange creatures that are particularly disturbing.
4. Kaatskill Kaleidoscope: Mount Trempar, New York
Claiming to be the “world’s largest kaleidoscope” this is attraction is…well it’s exactly that.
Crane your necks to look up the top of this 60-foot structure and you will be rewarded with a show that will take you on a journey from the days of Lincoln and Stalin, to Marilyn Monroe and Nixon. Surely this couldn’t disappoint?
5. World’s Smallest Church: Oneida, New York
While many have tried, only this chapel claims the title of “World’s Smallest Church”.
Located smack bang in the middle of a pond and only accessible by boat, this chapel brings a whole new meaning to the word “small” and can seat just two people.

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