Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet Planet's Hottest Surfer

Plenty of magazines and online sites (Dailystoke included) have written articles about this or that up and coming hot professional surfing chick. Up-and-coming stars like Bruna Schmitz (hot), Alana Blanchard (hot), Kassia Meador (hot) and Erica Hosseini (hot) are names that you will frequently hear associated with surfing hotness. There are a few notable others, and then other online and print references to beautiful surfer girls usually focus on some fine lady paddling on an SUP (gag!) or inadvertantly standing prone in a king’s stance on a foamie longboard in the whitewash. Occasionally we stumble upon some surfing hotness that truly turns heads. Such is the case with Sonia Estela García Correa of Panama. This soon to be 35 year old is not only smoking hot, but also a nine time national champ in Panama. How she has escaped the wider surfing world’s attention for so long is absolutely beyond me. Why her sponsor Oakley hasn’t made her their poster girl is beyond understanding. Bringing her to the attention of surfers everywhere is my civic duty. Enjoy, guys and gals… and remember, she surfs too!
the worlds hottest competitive surfer01

the worlds hottest competitive surfer02

the worlds hottest competitive surfer03

the worlds hottest competitive surfer04

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