Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Keep Relationship Alive

Romantic Kiss4 3 Ways to keep your relationship FRESH
Everyone can get into a rut but it doesn’t have to happen.  I know people just at the start of a new relationship and couples who have been dating 7+ years and no matter how happy or in love you are, sometimes  you want to come home throw on sweatpants, eat in bed and watch bad reality TV.  I think this is normal but to let it happen nightly could turn a hot steamy relationship ice cold.
chanblogpic 3 Ways to keep your relationship FRESH
1.  Have a Plan
 3 Ways to keep your relationship FRESH
Whether its a date night each week or a special night cooking new food together, make a plan with your significant other and keep it.  Don’t let a long day at the office squash date night.  This is a night to get dressed up, get out of the house (DVR The Bachelor if you can’t miss a rose ceremony) and enjoy each others company.  Go to a new place each week and look forward to it all day!
2. Talk
Romantic Kiss1 3 Ways to keep your relationship FRESH
In person!  The internet, iphones, texting and social networks have caused us to have some of most important conversations online.  I don’t mean the “we need to talk” talks, I mean updates on our day, things you are thinking about and plans you want to make.  If you find the urge to IM or text remember that there is no better way to talk to someone than face to face.  Entire breakups have happened via the world wide web, don’t let the best part of being with someone happen that way too.
3.  Keep it hot
Romantic Kiss2 3 Ways to keep your relationship FRESH
This isn’t necessarily only a sexual reference, but a little push to keep things spicy in all aspects of your relationship.  Guys, let us come over for a movie night to find you clean shaved, smelling great and greeted with a big kiss and I don’t mean your normal kiss hello, I’m talking tongue.  That will set the temperature for the rest of the date.  Ladies, step up your sleep wear.  You don’t have to rush to Victoria’s Secret and button, snap and strap something uncomfortable on every night but if you are sleeping over at your beau’s house bring a tight tank (sans bra) and some little white boy shorts.  If your chilly, I’m sure you can think of something to warm you up!
Romantic Kiss3 3 Ways to keep your relationship FRESH

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