Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi Honey!

Amazing facts about honey that most people have no idea about. It is amazing what kind of health benefits can be found in foods given to us by mother nature herself. Simply adding natural foods like honey in place of more fattening options can make your body feel fresh and rejuvenated. Take a moment to read through all of these interesting facts about honey and see if you learn something interesting.
1. Honey is the only non man-made sweetener which also is considered to have healing effects.
2. Honey has a pH level around 3-4 and consists of roughly 18% water. Because of this honey is a very stable substance and can last hundreds of years if properly stored.
3. Honey can reduce fat deposits found in our cardiovascular system.
4. Honey will not ferment in your stomach like refined table sugar or sucrose does. Because of this it does not subject you to a risk of bacterial infection.
5. Honey is the simplest possible molecular form of sugar, which cannot be broken down any further. This allows it to travel directly from the small intestine to the blood stream while not causing any problems to the digestive system like sucrose.
6. Honey is a top choice as fuel for burning body fat during sleep since it has an equal ratio of fructose to glucose.
7. Honey is the best substance to use to treat burns. Honey can effectively subdue pain while quickly healing a wound without scarring.
8. Vitamins as well as antioxidants are found in honey. One special antioxidant known as ‘pinocembrin’ is found only in honey.
9. Honey is known to be a very effective and safe solution to children’s coughs, even more so than over-the-counter medicines.
10. Some recent studies have shown that athletes who consumed honey before and after physical activity have recovered faster than those athletes who did not consume any honey at all.
Given your new found knowledge of honey, now hopefully you can use it’s health benefits to your advantage. Keep in mind, the more natural the honey, the better. The honey found at your local fast-food chain is not going to give you the same health benefits as fresh natural honey straight from the bees nest. Start adding small amounts of natural honey to your meals to enjoy the health benefits it can offer you.

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  1. Aj aisi kia dua dun tujh k0,
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    “Sitar0n se r0shan” Khuda teri
    taqdeeR baNa de..!!!

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    aay dost aap apni manzil ko payen,,
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    to roshni k liye khuda hum ko jalay!!!