Sunday, October 17, 2010

Secret SEX Codes

Want to spice up your sex life? Try these

It's about time you moved on from that boring ol' wink. You need to find a new way to signal to your hubby that it's time to head to the bedroom, and no, we don't mean to sleep!
Admittedly, it might be difficult, awkward or embarrassing to make an overt gesture, especially when you're with family, friends or the kids. But who said it's impossible? After all, James Bond and other spies have been using specially developed codes that seem to work really well.
So we thought it could help in the sex department as well! Here are some codes you could employ to tell him it's time to… err… retire:

When the kids are around
It's extremely difficult to let your husband know that you want to have sex, especially when the kids are around right? After all, your precious children can be so intelligent and pick up these things so quickly nowadays! So it's alright to be a little bit sneaky in situations like this. Why not say this like these to him:
'Hey honey, why don't you help me out with my homework?'

'I think we need to take a nap right now, because we'll need our energy for later in evening.'
'I need to finish some work so I think I'll have dessert upstairs.'

When the entire family is around
We all know how impossible it is to spend quality time with the husband, especially when the entire family is around, all the time!
There's your mother-in-law who only talks about getting grandkids soon, your brother-in-law who's discussing business with your husband and the niece or nephew running around demanding attention. It's so much chaos, but don't lose hope. You can use these lines even if the entire family is around you:

'The insurance guy came over today and I have to go over some things with you urgently.'
'I think I'll go to bed early tonight, and you should get some rest too, you have an early morning.'
'Our bedroom is in a mess and you said you'd pick up all your stuff… and you're not doing anything now!'

When the friends are around
You're done with dinner and want to escape from your friend's house/the restaurant to spend some alone time with your husband. So if you aren't the type who talks to your friends about your sex life, it's alright; these codes should help you get out of your social situation and into being with them and into the bedroom.
'You promised (insert child/niece/nephew's name) you'd help him with his homework!'

'I have a headache!'
'My parents have invited us for desert. I forgot to mention mom will probably be serving her famous chocolate mousse and she'll give you a second helping if we're not too late, so we need to get going!' Psst… don't underestimate the use of metaphors.


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