Monday, October 18, 2010

Art of Healthy Living

Incessant nagging by your boss, loads of work, less salary, a not-so-happening love life and boring friends! If you feel this is the story of your life, then it's time you stopped worrying and did something about it.
How about looking differently at things for a change! Wondering how you can do this? Just change your life with positive thinking a la the art of living.
Lalita Sood, a volunteer with Rekha Agarwal, (former model who teaches art of living) says, “My life has changed dramatically since I adopted art of living with Rhea nine years ago.”
She tells us how this unique way of life can alter your lifestyle in five simple ways.
1) It helps you stay focussed
It calms your mind and in a way, helps you decide what's best for you. There are times when you might be inundated with options but are clueless about your course of action. You might end up getting so confused that you are unable to make the right decision. The kriyas in Art of Living involves a lot of deep breathing exercises and chanting. This de-stresses you and clears your mind, helping you to think better.

2) Your outlook towards life changes
Even though situations remain the same, your outlook towards life changes:
Take for instance the case of Rubina Nath, 28, a media professional who was raised in a nuclear family. After a whirlwind romance with her colleague Bharat, she got married to him. But marriage was a rude shock once she started staying with her in laws. She was unable to adjust with them.
However once she realised the pros of staying in a joint family and made an effort to win the hearts of her in laws, life became much simpler. Her new positive outlook altered her life completely.
The de-stressing process makes us feel better about ourselves, enabling us to think positively.

3) It helps you think straight
Sharing her personal experience, Sudan says, “After a trip to Shirdi, when I was returning to Mumbai with my family, we met with an accident. To my surprise, all of us escaped unhurt. Rather than getting nervous, we managed to think straight and just recited Om throughout the whole incident. It worked wonders.”
Dimpy explains that art of living enables us to think positive in every situation. “It is all about the aura you create to live in peace,” she says.

4) It cleanses your mind
According to Sood, in the advance course, everybody takes a ‘moun vrat' (maintains silence). This silence eventually cleanses your nervous system: Sood says, “The art of living cleanses your body on three levels; physical, mental and spiritual.
In the physical sense it makes you more energetic. It de-stresses you mentally. It also helps you get rid of your insecurities.” “Many of us believe in karma. Our ancestors have said that you get what you deserve based on your karmic deeds. Art of living helps us to erase all the bad karmas and start afresh,” she adds.

5) It helps you change yourself
Sood points out that once you understand how to deal with everyone, you attract peace, which in turn, keeps you away from stress.
Dealing with our own stress better, helps us to interact with others better.
‘Art of Living for me is about two things – meditation and kriya (deep breathing exercises). Meditation helped me to bring about a change in my attitude. Kriya made me more balanced as a person and it has simply changed my life', says Bidisha Chawla, level two student of Art of Living.
So stop thinking and start practising art of living for a healthy life.

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