Monday, October 18, 2010

My lingerie shopping Secret

Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur be damned! Okay, not really – I do enjoy shopping there, but the truth is (in my opinion) the best place to buy a bra is the teen section of any lingerie store.

Why, you wonder? For starters they’re made from utterly soft, buttery cotton, unlike the heat-trapping synthetic lacey stuff we have to put up with, all in the name of feeling sexy and empowered.

Then they also have the yummiest prints – ducks, hearts, kisses, pretty polka dots. They may not make a man drool, but they’re definitely cute enough to give a girl happy shivers.

They come attached to the coolest knickers – cheeky slogans, cutesy cartoons and all.
They’re much, much cheaper – which means petite women with a lingerie fetish can buy more!

And the best bit is, petite women like me aren’t left red-faced and feeling inadequate when a smug shop girl tells her they don’t stock her size!

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