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10 health queries frequently asked

Thanks to long working hours and a hectic social life everyone seems to be suffering from one ailment or the other. Here are the most common queries answered:

1. How to tackle recurrent migraine?
Stay away from cheese, oral contraceptives, caffeine, alcohol and too much travel. Even anxiety and excessive exercising can trigger migraine headaches. The best way to ease it is to sleep it off. Sleep in a dark room for at least two hours. Avoid going out directly in the sun. Always protect yourself with an umbrella, hat and sunglasses. Talk to your doctor if the pain becomes too much to handle; and take the prescribed tablets. Read more here.

2. Is it safe to opt for Laser treatment to get rid of skin marks?
All surgical procedures have related side-effects and the same goes for laser treatment. Make sure you go to a well-trained cosmetologist who will be able to explain the pros and cons of the treatment. Laser treatments may offer you quick and painless solutions but they may lead to other side effects like dryness, inflammation and swelling. Read more about laser treatments here.
3. How to combat fatigue? One of the reasons for fatigue is stress or lack of sleep. De-stressing yourself will help you sleep better and eventually combat fatigue. Here are ways you can de-stress after a hard day. Get a thorough blood test done to rule out iron or any other deficiency. Here are some things you can do to raise your energy levels: Walk... even if it is just around the block. This will make you alert.

Avoid sugar in soft drinks, chips, crisps, chocolate, and anything white and processed; it causes your blood sugar levels to rise and make you feel sluggish. Eat foods that take longer to metabolise. This will keep you energised longer. Try foods like granola bars, bagels, muesli, fish, eggs, chicken, fortified cereals and beans. Set a timetable - sleep and wake up at the same and stick to it.

4. How do you get rid of blackheads?
Try facials to remove or reduce blackheads. Blackheads are mainly caused due to accumulation of dust in your pores. Cleaning your face frequently will prevent this. You can also opt for clean-up treatments. Here are ways you can seal your pores.
5. What is the remedy for twitching or cramps in leg muscles? Include supplements that contain calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium (if your sodium intake is low or if you sweat a lot). Stretching your calves regularly during the day and at night will help too. You can prevent cramps at night by stretching just before bed-time, doing wall push-ups or applying a hot water bottle to the area. If your leg twitches, try applying pressure on the affected leg with your foot and then elevate it. Hold your toes and tug at them. Make sure your legs are straight and hold the pose for up to ten seconds. Take a hot shower or a warm bath to soothe the affected muscle.

6. How to increase height?
Activities like swimming, aerobics and pilates help to increase your height. Cycling is a great way to increase your height too. However, if you have reached an age where your bones are ossified and fused, your height will not increase (the average age for a woman varies between 17-21). That apart, heels will always save the day!

7. How to prevent fungal infections during monsoons?
Fungal infections usually occur due to dry or humid heat during monsoons. Make sure you take a shower every time you come in from the rains. A small infection can be cured by applying Quinyderm locally. It is also important to maintain proper personal hygiene always.
8. How can gastro-intestinal problems be prevented? Always eat freshly cooked food. If cooked food is consumed couple of hours later, it can develop bacteria, especially during the monsoons. Also, make sure the water you drink is boiled for 20 minutes. Here are more tips to prevent gastro-intestinal problems.

9. What are the best options for breast enhancement?
One could always go for surgery. But if you don't want to go under the knife, these might help: Try different forms of exercises like push-ups and arm rotations. Though it won't increase the actual size, it will strengthen the underlying muscle tissues or pectoral muscles and give them a lift. To know more about plastic surgery read 'The Downside of Plastic Surgery' and for firmer breasts read 'How to Have Firmer Breasts'

You can go for herbal breast enhancement products. But, opt only for known names. They contain wild yam, dong quai, saw palmetto and other plant-derived substances. It produces estrogen in the body, resulting in increase of breast tissue. Avoid caffeine while taking natural breast enhancement supplements. Cutting down on carbs and increasing intake of protein will help you put on weight on your chest-area too.

10. People suffering from Hypothyroidism, usually have dry and brittle hair. How can this be solved?
Hypothyroidism can make your hair dry and make it prone to breakage. Make sure, you
are on the right dosage of medicine. Get it checked every three months. Include multi-vitamin supplements that contains calcium; it will help fight hairfall.

(Warning: These are solutions to most common problems frequently asked. Please consult your physician before opting for any form of treatment or medication.)


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