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15 Top Reasons To Set Up Business in India

Doing or running a successful profitable business is always a tough job anywhere in the world. It requires extreme business acumen, skill, knowledge and it needs to comply with various rules & regulations that often contradict with “business interests”. Thankfully there is only one such country in the world, INDIA, where different sets of skills and knowledge is required to run a profitable business.
1.      No Infrastructure Cost: Business skills or knowledge is never important. Good political connection is the only pre-condition.
2.      Guaranteed Return on Capital: Setting up a political connection is very easy. One needs to spend a little, but the value-for- money spent on setting up the political connection is GUARANTEED.
Chief Minister of Indian state with Indian currency garland at public.No case against her for disrespect of National currency and her huge disproportionate wealth
3.      Abundance of Resources: The only country where one can buy anything, literally. Patriotism, pride, freedom, loyalty everything has a sale price and ready seller.

4.      Widely Accepted Values: The most satisfactory relief is NO OFFENDER IS EVER GET PUNISHED.  Adulteration, cheating, corruption, bribery, homicide, misrepresentation, theft, encroachment and all such things are widely acceptable legally and socially. Neither Govt. of India nor society of India ever understands why rest of the world is concerned about those things!

5.      Huge Potential In Service Sector: India has always been a country where Value-Added-Service (VAS) is prevailed. Hospital, Police Station, Municipal Corporation, Government enterprises wherever you need a service you need to pay a value. So a huge GDP growth is registered through the service sector.

Indian railway Minister, Mamata Banerjee with Maoist terrorist Chatradhar Mahato

6.      Simple and User Friendly Laws: Indian laws are made to make people aware that, what one must not follow to avoid punishment. CautionAbiding law may attract penalty, punishment and endless harassments.

7.      No Commitment Required: If one care for an accountability then India is never the right place to set up a business. Indian law makers, social media carefully avoids accountability. So following-what- you-preach is never a burden in India.

8.      No Legal Expenses: Getting justice has always been costly and time consuming affair in India (More than hundred years ago a writer and judge of British ruled Indian judicial service said, “Laws are only Jokes in India. Only rich and affluent can afford that joke.” Independent Indian Government strictly follows that British legacy.). Riches don’t need to go court poor can’t afford to go to court. So legal expenses are nil to run a business in India.
9.      Smooth Transition Inside Country: Green bucks printed and published by Reserve Bank of India is the only union bondage, No other thing binds India together. So no business house need not to worry about nationwide wrath/rejection. No such nation is there in India.

10.  Fail Proof Marketing Mechanism: Every banned drug in the world finds a safe home in India. So, never worry about wastage of raw material or labour expenses incurred to make that forbidden product. Pay a little amount to Indian minister and he/she will pay you back by assisting to sell that to Indian public.
11.  Huge Ready Market: Barring a few states, almost all Indian States have more people than any five European countries combined together. So a ready market is always available in any Indian State.
12.  No Expenses On Social Securities: Indian Governments enthusiastically assist business houses and therefore, neither it spends for social securities to its citizens nor imposes any such condition to commercial establishments. So no worries on cost escalation.

13.  Humble people: Although India has 120 billion+ population but Indian Govt. thinks, makes, amends benefits for about 100 million odd people. Their growth is India’s growth, their worries is India’s worries, their joy is India’s pride….rest are given single day democracy - voting rights. Benefitted Indians seldom exercise their franchise, those who exercise their franchise seldom gets any real benefit.
14.  Cheapest Labour & Consistent Government Policy:A pizza is price anywhere between INR Rs.200-Rs450 but a daily labourer gets Rs.80-Rs120 per day. All the amnesty (!) schemes are announced and debated in the Indian Parliament to be hushed up by the related minister and his blessed persons. If revealed, the concerned minister/politician/offender get very honourable exit route by Govt. of India/State Govt. by putting the matter sub-judice /investigating commission and again another amnesty scheme is announced with same fate.
Indian Prime Mister looks happy with his Corrupt colleague A Raja

15.  A Unique Democracy: Indian politicians and Ministers are awfully rich and they have never loss of appetite for money. They enjoy so many benefits and so much powers any Roman Emperor/Russian Czar/ medieval feudal Lord could ever dreamt of. Indian democracy is of the fewer people by the fewest people for rest of the people. Managing Indian politicians or Ministers is the easiest job of the world. A Swiss Bank account, few foreign trips could earn anyone an entire iron ore mine for just one Rupee for 99 years! So no recurring expenses year after year.

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