Thursday, March 3, 2011

Art of body Tattoo

There are a few places on a women’s body that that are considered very sensual. This of course varies some in different cultures but for many cultures the nape of the neck and the lower back are often considered some of the most sensual areas of a women’s body. Thus it is obvious to see why lower back tattoo designs have become so popular in the last few years. Lower back tattoos for women are really one of the most sensual and erotic types of tattoos a women can get. They are the perfect type of tattoo for a women. They can easily be covered up for work and formal occasions and yet easily exposed for informal settings. A friendly pair of low rise jeans or a comfortable pair of sweats can easily expose and show off a lower back tattoo.
Thus easy ability to hide or show the lower back tattoo not only has increased it’s popularity but it also increases it’s desirability or sensuality. We have all heard the saying leaving a little to the imagination well that is exactly what a lower back tattoo design does and it creates a very tantalizing and sensual appeal. Often the lower back tattoo design will be tattooed just around the waist line. So often a lower back tattoo design just peeks over the top of the waist line and yet remains partially hidden. This partially hidden part of the tattoo has an amazing way of peeking a persons curiosity and catches the viewers attention. Along with being sensual and secretive or hidden the lower back tattoo can also be something that is shared between lovers and an intimate secret that is known only to each other.
The shape and designs that are often associate with lower back tattoos of course help enhance the look and appeal of the over all area also. The lower back tattoo design is usually has a shallow curvature to it that fits into the curves of a females back and the natural curves of her hips. The lower back tattoo design is an enhancement of an already incredibly beautiful part of the body and it just accentuates its beauty.
Typically lower back tattoo designs are kind of long and rectangular in nature with a slight upward curvature to them. Organic and natural things like flowers, vines, stars, and so on often make great lower back tattoos. Typically winged creatures also work very well in this area as the wings can kind of stretch out across the lower back. Dragonfly tattoos, angel tattoos and even hummingbird tattoos can all work very well in this area with some vines, flowers or plants to enhance the winged creature. Of course there is also the classic tribal and Celtic tattoos that can often fit into this space very well also. The options are pretty much limitless and up to your imaginations.

Even though you have a lot of options to choose from to get a tattoo that you will really enjoy for the rest of your life it is important to just not pick something because it is pretty at the time but instead look into the symbolism and meaning of the elements of your design. For example a lotus flower in many cultures celebrates a spiritual journey or awakening of sorts. While winged animals like fairies, butterflies, and even angels tend to represent freedom and happiness. While a lion, panther or tiger is often symbolic of strength and power which might be important for the person. So thinking about the symbolism behind the design elements is important. It is also important to pick symbols that hold value and speak to you.

The traditional way of getting a tattoo has been to go to the local tattoo parlor and pick a tattoo from the available flash designs on the wall or even pay the artist extra and have them create a custom design tattoo for you. However you now have a lot more freedom with the internet where you can post a job for a custom tattoo design and have lot of tattoo artists bid for the work. This of course allow you to get a unique tattoo that was design just for you and something that incorporates the symbols and feelings that you want expressed.

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