Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stay belly-fat free

Tummy fat are one of the worst nightmares women faces after mid 20s. It not only looks bad but also shaken the confidence of a modern woman. Today's woman are not alwys homely type. They need to face the world every now and then, so an oversized belly is strictly forbidden.
There are numerous factors responsible for the growth of belly fat. For example, unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, hormone changes, over eating and age factor.

There are two main types of belly fat that is subcutaneous and visceral. The subcutaneous fat lies between the abdominal wall and skin. It is the substance that hangs out your midsection that you can grip with your hands. It is not very risky to health. The visceral fat is located deeper in the abdomen, adjacent the abdominal organs. It poses high risk to health. Gaining extra of this fat can cause many diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes etc.

Here are few easy ways to decrease Belly:
(Please remember before starting any of the following steps consultation with a registered Medical Practioner/health expert/dieting expert is a MUST)

1: Healthy lifestyle: Eating habits are most vital for abdomen fat. Change your eating habits. Instead of taking plain carbohydrates(rice, white bread) start eating complex carbohydrates(vegetables, fruits). Do not eat much, eat just the quantity your body need.
2: Hormone therapy: It is found in a research that postmenopausal ladies who take HRT are less likely to accumulate tummy fat. But you should consult your doctor before taking HRT plunge because in recent studies it is revealed HRT increases chances of breast cancer.
3: Weight Lifting: Start weight lifting to get rid over fat. And if you are suffering from back problem you should consult to your doctor.
4: Exercise: Last but never least, you should do exercise, if you want to decrease your tummy.
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