Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to find right innerwear

What types of lingerie are best for me? Very frequently asked question. Unfortunately without right answer. Here we try to find out what suits you most according to your figure shape.There are a few body shapes we all belong to. The list includes: hourglass, pear, apple and boyish shapes. Any of these shapes, except hourglass one, have some ‘problem areas’ a woman might want to hide.

            Pear Shape
You have got a voluptous bottom but small bust and narrow shoulders. The goal is to balance the body shape. Opt for push-up or padded bras to add volume to your chest. Choose a set with a fuller panty to shape and lift your bum and make you feel and look sexy. Stay away form frill details on your panties as these can accentuate your larger hips and smaller bust.

Boyish Figure
You are slim but have few curves and narrow hips. Not the best variant of course, but good enough. You can do a lot to look fantastic! The best panty type is boy shorts. These are great for this type of figure as they show off and accentuate a beautiful behind. If your breast isn’t as big as you wish you can emphasise the cleavage with a padded or under wired-bra. Balcony styles can give you an instant uplift.

Apple Figure
You are usually blessed with slim legs and arms but your weight is concentrated around your tummy. The best option will be a bodice or a babydoll. Both cover the waist area and look tempting. If you have a full bust you should flaunt it, but be sure it is supported well. Bras with good full cups are great for the apple shape. Bottoms with low fit will be perfect.

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Hour Glass shape
You are lucky to have this figure type. Your curves and a small waistline look feminine and sexy in any lingerie. I would say there is nothing you can’t wear. But the best for you is a corset as it extra-emphasizes your sexy hips and a tiny waist. Solid colors and prints, embroidery and other details – all these will make you look gorgeous!

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