Friday, January 21, 2011

Body Language

Most of the guyz are extremely callous about the matter of SEX. Some guys are so idiotic that if they are asked to judge a woman's sex appeal most of them meant it's all about sleeping with that lady! Sex appeal is nothing to do with doing SEX!
Again, while doing SEX most of them only knows about having it with lips,nipples and genitals!

There are so many sensitive parts of the human body that people may neglect while they’re getting sexy. It’s just to easy to go for the big three – lips, nipples, genitals – and skip out on all the rest. So here it is, a comprehensive list of places you can fondle, lick, kiss, tickle, or scratch (in a sexy way) to help get your partner heated up.
Let’s start from the top:
Ears: For some, the ears are very sensitive and it can be a big turn-on to have a little bit of extra attention paid to them. Not to mention, when nibbling on one’s ear, you’re in the perfect position to whisper sweet nothings.
Neck: The sides of the neck and collar bones can be very sexual. There’s a reason this is where hickeys (often) end up. Pro tip: kiss the back of your partner’s neck while you’re spooning. It’s cute, but just sensual enough to be a little sexy.
Lips: Is there really anything better than a good kiss? Maybe a little nibble.
Nipples: This one is pretty cliché, I realize that — but there’s a reason for that. Nipples on both men and women can be very sensitive – some women can even orgasm solely through nipple play. And hey, if you’re looking to get a little more adventurous, why not give nipple clamps a try?
Insides of the elbows: Ever had anyone rub the inside of your arms? That tingly feeling when you reach the bend in your arm can be just enough to leave a person wanting more.
Pubic area: No, we’re not quite at the genitals yet. I’m talking the area where your leg meets your pelvis. Super-sensitive and even a little ticklish, but some people are really into it.
Genitals: The most obvious erogenous zone. Take your time getting there, and once you arrive play around a little – there’s more than just the penis/clitoris/vagina down there that offer some seriously awesome sensations.
Behind the knee: see “insides of elbows” – it’s the same type of feeling, just twice the size.
Feet: More specifically, the area behind the ankle. According to reflexology, that area is connected to the penis or vagina, and stimulating that area can cause similar reactions in the connected areas. While I don’t know much about reflexology, I do know that the ankles now seem like a great spot to grab onto and massage a little during reverse cowgirl.
Anything I missed?

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