Friday, October 14, 2011

Hottest Reality Babes 2

30. Paris Hilton: The Simple Life, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF

Well, can you have a list, any list, without Paris Hilton? We all remember the days of The Simple Life, with then gal-pal Nicole Richie, but these days Paris has moved onto bigger and better things! Her search for “real friends” has led her to a reality show, titled, My New BFF. The worst part of this endeavor, there are actually girls willing to participate in this show! Why anyone would want to run around with Paris is beyond me?

29. Haley Scarnato: American Idol

You may not remember Haley’s name but surely you remember her legs from her time on American Idol. Haley finished 8th during the 2007 season. After her tour with American Idol, Haley did record and release a country single “Girls Night Out.” The single didn’t gain any momentum and eventually Haley parted ways with her label. Currently, Haley doesn’t have any projects in the work.

28. Stephanie LaGrossa: Survivor: Palua, Survivor: Guatemala

One of the toughest competitors and unluckiest in Survivor history, Stephanie LaGrossa, made her mark on reality television. After getting her ass kicked on her first round of Survivor, Stephanie signed-up as a surprise tribe member on Survivor: Guatelama. She held on in that season, but still finished as a runner-up. She is currently working for the Philadelphia Flyers, back in her hometown.

27. Katrina Darrell (Bikini Girl): American Idol

For someone that couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, Katrina Darrell AKA Bikini Girl, has hung around MUCH longer than anyone would have anticipated! She knew her “talent” couldn’t get her through the first rounds of Idol, so she went to her next weapon, her body. Katrina showed up in her bikini for the audition and was practically carried through to the next round by Simon Cowell. After a heated debate with Judge Kara Dioguardi, Bikini Girl was then invited back to the Final Idol episode in 2009. It was there that she was humiliated again, this time when Kara belted out a Mariah classic and then pulled off her own bikini show! Oh yeah, she was also a California Hooters Girl…feel free to judge.

26. Jessica Simpson: Newlyweds

Well, her reality TV stint may have wrecked her marriage but it made her relevant! This self-proclaimed Virgin, let the cameras in just a few months after her wedding to 98 Degrees frontman, Nick Lachey. The pair filmed Newlyweds for MTV from 2002 until 2005. After months of speculation the pair announced a separation and ultimately finalized their divorce in June of 2006. Jessica has had several high-profile relationships, tried her hand at country music and now has come full-circle with television, creating a new reality show, The Price of Beauty, which should air in 2010.

25. Amanda Holden: Britain’s Got Talent

She puts up with Simon Cowell, so we have to give her some credit! British Television star, Amanda Holden, may not be a household name on this side of the pond but in if you head to the UK everyone knows who she is! This 38 year old has a fantastic body and a sharp set of acting skills to go with it. Amanda is married to record producer, Chris Hughes. The couple has a 3 year old daughter.

24. Kelly Rowland: The Fashion Show

Best-known for her role in the R&B group, Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland has now launched into a new phase of her career. Currently, hosting the Bravo reality show, The Fashion Show, Kelly keeps busy by still singing and performing but also with an expansive list of charity work. Kelly is the abassador for MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation, which aims to reduce discrimination against HIV and Aids victim. Kelly and long friend, Beyonce Knowles, also started the Knowles-Rowland Center for Youth, in downtown Houston.

23. Stephanie Pratt: The Hills

I think if I was the younger sister of Spencer Pratt, I’d have some issues too! Stephanie Pratt, best-known for her role on MTVs The Hills, is a professed shoplifter and is recovering from some substance abuse issues. Currently, still filming for The Hills, Stephanie is also a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

22. Lauren Conrad: Laguna Beach & The Hills

When we first met Lauren Conrad (LC) she was just your average Senior in High School, in Orange County, California! When MTV signed Lauren on to star in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, I’m sure they had no idea the star that she’d become. In June 2006, Lauren launched her own series, The Hills, chronicling her move to LA and her job at Teen Vogue. Lauren announced that she was leaving reality tv land in 2009 and wrapped filming on the series. She appears to be moving on with her designs, writing 2nd and 3rd books of her trio deal and oh yeah, her relationship with My Boys star, Kyle Howard.

21. Heidi Hamels: Survivor: Amazon

Heidi Hamels, a former school teacher, made her launch to fame when she and Jenna Morasca, another survivor contestant, stripped during a challenge to eat some peanut butter & chocolate. After her run on the CBS reality show, Heidi lost her teaching position. Never fear…Heidi and Jenna posed for Playboy and oh by the way, she married Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher, Cole Hamels in December of 2006.
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