Thursday, October 27, 2011

Abby Huot not for nude modelling!

Abby Huot is a fitness fanatic that is written all over the wall, I mean body! This - 29 years old Minneapolis, Minnesota, US - girl in her own words " I battled my weight for a number of years and finally am getting my outside to match my inside! I'm a silly, outgoing, charismatic woman who hopes to inspire other women to better themselves inside and out by becoming a successful fitness model.  I'm hoping that this site will help me network with good photographers who can help me continue to build my growing portfolio. 

I'm fine with fitness and some glam-type shots and portraits. I don't have an interest in nude modeling so do not ask. My rule with pictures is that my family needs to be able to look at my photographs without having a heart attack. lol  I'm extremely flexible and easy going to work with. You tell me where to go and what to do/what to wear and I will do it without complaints. 

My main goals for my pictures is to portray a woman that other women can relate to and aspire to be. I am NOT trying to be the woman that every guy wants. Essentially, I'm fine with looking sexy in pictures but I draw the line at things looking pornographic."

So Guys! Don't try to look much beyond that fit bod!

Wanna look an Amazing fit Model? See here.

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