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Mistakes Men Do During Sex

Your mama may have taught you to use your manners at the dinner table, but she probably didn’t fill you in on how to mind your Ps and Qs while having sex. Brushing up on your bedroom etiquette is always a good idea to ensure a most pleasant experience for your partner and make a repeat visit all the more likely. Take a look at the bedroom etiquette screw-ups that men are making and some tips on how to avoid such faux pas yourself.

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Poor Hygiene

Showing up unwashed, unshaven and with bad breath to boot is highly inconsiderate and won’t have her begging for more. Take the time to groom and clean yourself in the appropriate places. If sex happens spontaneously, as it often does, it doesn’t hurt to excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and quickly wash up before getting down to business.

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Allowing Interruptions

Unless you are expecting the most important phone call of your life, you should never let a ringing telephone interrupt you in the bedroom. The caller can leave a message or call back if it’s really important. It’s not worth ruining the mood by stopping to pick up the phone. Other distractions, like a roommate knocking on your bedroom door, may be a little more difficult to ignore. In that case, take care of it quickly and pick up where you left off.

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Ripping Her Clothes

Do your best to avoid literally ripping her clothes off. It’s easy to get carried away while in the throes of passion, and it sure looks like fun in the movies, but in real life, someone has to sew those buttons back on. She may not notice when it happens, but later she’ll be pissed that her favorite shirt is ruined.

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Being Selfish

Being selfish sexually is a big no-no if you want to be known as a good lover. Ideally, sex should be equally pleasurable for all parties involved. This is not always possible, of course, but it should be attempted nonetheless. It is acceptable for one partner to treat the other to all the pleasure they can handle with no obligation to reciprocate every once in a while, but regularly, giving and receiving should be evenly balanced.

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Not Cuddling

Immediately getting up and leaving the room post-coitus is a bad move etiquette-wise. It may not be your favorite thing to do, but you should put in the obligatory cuddle time before you get out of bed. Most women appreciate it, and many of them expect it. Plus, if you relax and get into it, you’ll probably enjoy it as well.

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Springing Fetishes On Her

Whether it’s a foot fetish, a tendency toward S&M or some other sexual proclivity that is outside the norm, it should be discussed with her before you try to bring your fantasy into the bedroom. Whipping out the handcuffs and riding crop unexpectedly in the middle of having sex is a serious etiquette mistake and will freak her out even if she might have otherwise been open to the idea. Talk about your fetishes together and share your fantasies. You might discover that you have some in common.

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Unplanned Anal Penetration

It is never OK to anally penetrate a girl without asking her permission first. Ideally, you should discuss her anal preferences well before you end up near the promised land. Another reason it’s bad etiquette to engage in unplanned anal is that there is some preparation required in order for it to be safe and pleasurable. An essential part of the process is applying plenty of lubricant. Check out Durex® Play® lubes, and choose one to ease the anal experience.

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 Finishing First

It is generally good etiquette to make sure your girl orgasms before you do. This doesn’t have to happen during intercourse and, in fact, usually won’t, since most women require an alternative form of stimulation to get there. It’s perfectly acceptable to use your hands, mouth or props to get her off. Just make sure to do it before you finish and get too sleepy to help her get to climax. If early ejaculation is an issue, try Durex® Performax® condoms to help you last longer.

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Surprise Ejaculation

Whether it’s the location or the timing, a surprise ejaculation won’t score you any points. It’s a good idea to let her know when the big moment is coming if she’s going down on you.

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No Foreplay

With the exception of the situations described in AskMen’s article "No Foreplay Required," foreplay is an important and expected part of making your girlfriend happy when it comes to sex. Don’t forget, you can begin foreplay before you even enter the bedroom by pointing out how sexy she looks. Women are suckers for compliments, and when you get her thinking sexy thoughts, you’re bound to enjoy yourselves when you finally make it into bed together. Take a look at the variety of specialty condoms, lubes and personal massagers Durex® offers if you want to add something new and exciting to your foreplay time.

See a Hot Star - Hilary Rhoda

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