Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mysteries yet solved

Mary Celeste
Mary Celeste, originally named “Amazon” was launched in 1860 at Nova Scotia; Mysteric disappearing of its crew and captain is one of the most fascinating mysteries of all time; the captain of the ship (Benjamin Briggs), his family and ship’s crew all disappeared in straits of Gibralter after leaving for Genoa Italy, carrying 1700 barrels of raw American alcohol.
According to some reports later in 1873, some life boats were found allegedly having bodies of crew of Mary Celeste,there was also an American flag in one of these boats but these bodies were never identified; Mary Celeste was 103 ft tall and it was sold in New York auction for $ 3000.
The Taus Hum
Taus Hum is a buzz type of low pitched sound heard in several countries like USA,UK and some parts of Europe; Taos Hum name is derived from the Taos and Hum, Taos is a city of New Mexico and Hum is the sound type; ; people say that it seems that it is described as a sound of distant diesel engine; lot of people have different theories about the origin of this sound but none knows the exact reason of the these sounds.
Jack the Ripper

Jack the ripper is the name given to the supposed perpetrator of series of murders in 1888 in London, all the victims of the killer were prostitutes with cut throats and damaged bodies;it is suspected by some experts that actually Prince albert victor ( Member of British royal family) was Jack the ripper ; putting aside all these speculations no one knows who exactly is Jack the Ripper.
Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle is a traingled shaped mysterious area situated in North Atlantic ocean; if we look at our history it is full of incidents, in which numerous planes and boats mysteriously disappeared in this area.
Many campaigns were launched to solve this mystery and there are lot of theories about this mystery like bad weather,alien encounters etc but till date no one succeeded to explain the exact reason of these disappearances.
Shroud of Turin
According to Roman catholics, Shroud of Turin is a linen clothing having image of Jesus Christ, but carbon dating tests have showed that linen fibres of shroud were grown in middle ages; this linen clothing is still subject of debate among experts and the reality of this clothing is still a mystery.

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  1. Regarding the shroud of Turin, research points to Leonardo Da Vinci as the fake hoaxer of this image.In 1988 carbon dating proved to all but a few desperate believers that it is an artefact of medieval or Renaissance times.The image behaves like a photograph,it has a negative effect,as it can be seen in great detail in the photographic negative.The image on the shroud is actually that of Da Vinci himself, and displays a strong heretical belief, and a great innovative artistic skill