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How to Get rid of your Public hair very first time

Shaving one's pubic area is no longer taboo or something women in those gentleman's movies do. More Women every day are doing this for healthy and sensual reasons. Have you been thinking about shaving your private area but have no clue what to do and how it will feel? well I am going to walk you thru it and help you understand the process.


things you'll need:

  • Woman's razor
  • Woman's shaving cream
  • Small scissors
  • Hot shower
  • time
  • patience
  • Aloe lotion
  • Willingness to try a new thing.
    • 1
      If you have never shaved your pubic area you are probably going to need to cut off some excess hair length. Before you get in the shower, cut the excess hair as close and safely as you can. Do this either in the tub or on top of a towel in front of a mirror.
    • 2
      Once the excess has been cut off, get in the shower and start taking your regular warm shower, scrub-a-dub-dub and get all clean. Once all the warm water has covered your pubic area you should be ready to shave it all off!
    • 3
      Grab your woman's Razor, you can use any razor in the market you feel comfortable with. Use woman's shaving cream , the men's shaving cream tend to be a bit more stronger and can burn. With a woman's you may feel a little burning in the center of your private area for the first time, just use some water to take the edge off.
    • 4
      If you are in the tub at this time, put one foot at the edge of the tub and start shaving one side first, start at the bottom and go up. You will need to clean your shaver after each stroke, do that and keep doing it until your skin on that side is smooth. Then Move on to the next side and repeat.
    • 5
      When you get to the middle of your pubic area repeat process but more slowly, you know your body and you know where everything is, just keep that in mind. Do not shave side ways. You will find the middle to bit more challenging to shave because of everything involved. Some women may leave a little patch there for several reasons and others will shave it all off. You decide which one is best for you.
    • 6
      Once everything is shaved off, shower and get all the gel out. Pat dry and use the aloe lotion on the outside skin only. This will help you with any first time razor burns or dryness.

    • 7
      Get ready and dress, you will have a feeling like you are naked or that you have a constant air draft in your pants. As your pubic hair starts grow back, you may feel a need to scratch, Don't worry it goes away. As you continue to shave you will find that it gets easier, it is much healthier and cleaner and will keep you fresh.
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