Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hot Bikini babes!

They're unquestionably gorgeous and they can stop the world once they step in with just a two-piece wear. How to achieve that same body? Get to know here!

The Stunning Megan Fox

After seeing her with a bikini, it's easy to forget she was a geeky character on "Transformers" 

Taylor Swift

Any sugary drink is a no-no to Taylor. Part of her diet are low calorie meals like salads and sandwiches.

Cameron Diaz

Cardio routine and arm workout give way to Cameron's bikini body. Skipping meals is never part of her scheme.

The SuperStar - Rihanna

For a body like Rihanna's, follow this routine: jumping jacks, cycling and skipping ropes.
 Naya Rivera
Glee actress and singer, Naya Rivera, believes in balanced diet. Planks and squats are her way to tone certain body parts.
 Jessica Biel
Going outdoors is a must for Jessica. She makes sure she walks and bikes enough regularly.

Kim Kardashian - Break The Beach!

It's more likely that Miss Kardashian will break the beach rather than the internet.

Jessica Alba

Jessica used to be a gymnast and a cheerleader. Now, she keeps her toned figure by working out regularly and eating right.

Kate Hudson

Kate does Pilates consistently and no strict diet plan for her! Ah, those abs
 Kate Beckinsale
Kate is into cardio exercises, circuit training, yoga, boxing and martial arts. Hard work pays off!

Lea Michele 

Lea has a simple workout plan that involves a lot of walking. During her downtime, she also does hiking and rock climbing.

Julianne Hough

Low carb and high protein diet is Julianne's not so deep secret to having a fascinating body curves. She also studied ballet, by the way.

Alex Morgan

Meet Alex and her flat abs! Soccer training is instrumental for this athlete's beautiful physique.

Christina Milian

Six times a week, Christina hits the gym to follow a workout plan. For her, that's not just for a beautiful body, but for a stress-free life.
  Miranda Kerr
The former VS Angel has a stunning slender figure. Thanks to running and weights training!
 Katherine Heigl
The Pasternak 5-Factor diet has a lot to do with Katherine's lean body. Dumbbells are also a big help!

Kate Upton Perfectly Posing

The Top-model are beautiful as always, and she took this picture at the Maldives. Let's hope that more pictures of her will be leaked on the internet..

Jennifer Lawrence

The treadmill is Jen's best friend. Aside from doing exercises, she makes sure to watch what she eats.

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