Friday, September 5, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence - Moods of Diva

#1 Strikingly Gorgeous

Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect woman and no one is going to tell us otherwise. Unless she is hiding something under her dress Lady Gaga-style then we are convinced she is flawless.

#2 Eyes Like Daggers

Jennifer Lawrence is practically flawless, and picking her best feature would be a challenge for Simon Cowell himself. If we had to pick one, we would say her eyes are like those of a goddess.

#3 She's Been to the Gym Once or Twice

This pose allows us to appreciate the full spectrum of Jennifer's rock-hard body, which is legendary. She has it all, and her grown woman appeal is like nothing we have seen from an actress her age.

#4 The New Definition of Wet Dream

This photo catches Jennifer at her most emotional. Just like her on screen personas she is a boiling pot of fiery emotion and passion, just as her red leotard suggests.

#5 Throwback

This photoshoot is reminiscent of one Britney Spears would have done with a snake around her neck in the early 2000's. The wet look is throwback, but it is a classic nonetheless.

#6 One Sexy Minx

Jennifer Lawrence's eyes tell the story of her appeal. They are dark, mysterious, and they can set the mood in a room with one quick glance.

#7 Hips Don't Lie

This may not be considered racy, but this depiction of J-Law's hips is something we had never seen before. Those are some child bearing hips, ladies and gentlemen.

#8 100% Woman

Jennifer Lawrence is too much woman for most men to handle. She is tall, thick where it counts, and has the confidence of a man. That can be intimidating or the absolute turn on depending on how you handle yourself.

#9 All We Can Say is: WOW

This picture leaves us speechless. We really do not know what to say other than "Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?"

#10 She's Got A Rack

It is being reported that Jennifer Lawrence's favorite rap song is Racks on Racks. Ok, we lied, it's just that she is the one with racks on racks, just check her rack out!

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