Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Person - part 2

Without the hypocratic conservative bites, all over the world, it has been established as the icon of adult entertainment. The PLAYBOY Magazine. They uninterruptedly publish and entertain adult entertainment features for nearly 60 years. Looking back at history we tried to find out Playmate Firsts, in chronological order.

  • First Dutch Playmate in US Playboy
    Astrid Schultz (Miss September 1964)

  • First African-American Playmate:
    Jennifer Jackson (Miss March 1965)

  • First Playmate to get breast implants
    Sue Williams (Miss April 1965)
  • First Playmate to commit suicideSue Williams (Miss April 1965)

  • First Playmate born in the 1950s to appear: 
    Cynthia Myers (Miss December 1968)

  • First twins to be Playmates: 
    Mary Collinson and Madeleine Collinson (Misses October 1970)

  • First Playmate to show clearly visible pubic hair:
    Liv Lindeland (Miss January 1971)

  • First Playmate to pose for a full frontal nude centerfold: 
    Marilyn Cole (Miss January 1972)

  • First Playmate to pose for a full frontal nude centerfold with clearly visible entire pubic hair: 
    Bonnie Large (Miss March 1973)

  • First Playmate to be younger than Playboy
    Monica Tidwell (Miss November 1973) was born in January 1954, when Playboy's second issue was on the newsstand.

  • First and only Playmate to have a double-sided, front-and-back centerfold
    Nancy Cameron (Miss January 1974) was the 20th anniversary Playmate.

  • First Hispanic-American Playmate: 
    Ester Cordet (Miss October 1974) was from Panama

  • First Playmate with signed centerfold
    Jill De Vries (Miss October 1975)

  • First sisters to be Playmates in different months: 
    Janice Pennington (Miss May 1971) and
    Ann Pennington (Miss March 1976)

  • First Playmate Data Sheet (included): 
    Sondra Theodore (Miss July 1977)

  • First Playmate born in the 1960s to appear: 
    Lee Ann Michelle (Miss February 1979)

  • First video Playmate (1982): 
    Lonny Chin was also the magazine centerfold in the January 1983 issue.

  • First Playmate born in the 1970s to appear:
    Simone Eden (Miss February 1989)

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