Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get a sexy look for your eyes

Using color on your lids can be intimidating if you have gotten comfortable with a "natural" look. To pull you out of your rut, we show you how to add a touch of color without too much fuss. The color of choice - lilac. While purple is a great alternative for fall, its paler counterpart is totally Spring worthy.

Step 1: After prepping your eyelid with concealer and setting it with translucent powder, run a dark blue eyeliner pencil all over your lid. Gently smudge with a clean finger. This now creates an excellent base for the shadow.

Step 2: Line the lower rim of your eye, with the same dark blue eyeliner pencil so you frame your eyes with color.

Step 3: Using a dense eye shadow brush, apply a matte purple shadow all over your eyelid moving upwards and outwards towards the edge of your eye brow.This is a great trick to lift your eye.

Step 4: With a dark blue liquid eyeliner trace a line along the upper lash line. Extend it beyond the length of your eyelid to create a winged eyeliner effect.  The blue eyeliner makes for a great combination with purple lid as oppose to the often done black. 

Step 5 : Finish off with a your favorite lengthening mascara

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