Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feisty Lass Melissa Riso

Melissa Riso is an exotic ethnic background of Guamanian and Italian. As a Northern California native, Melissa grew up with her Father and older Sister in Salinas, California and has spent several hot Summers in Guam where her mother lives.

Living in such a small town and island motivated Melissa wanted to pursue her dream of modeling and acting and thus her move to the Southern California area seemed natural. As a trained and established hair stylist Melissa has also done several print, commercial and tv shows including an episode on Playboy TV alongside adult film star Jesse Jane, and now on Playboys TV Show “Bad Ass”.

Outside the busy world of modeling and styling, Melissa enjoys finding new restaurants, good wine, traveling (Australia anyone!?), dancing and being active in the gym. She also enjoys swimming in her pool and entertaining friends in her living room with the big screen blasting and her Wii controller in one hand a glass of Pino Grigio in the other.

Everyone always asks her what that huge tattoo on her tummy is all about. Well when she was a freshman in high school, she almost died in a very serious car accident on the highway. She got internal bleeding in her tummy and broke her back. So they had to cut her open to stop the bleeding inside. She had a ugly six inch scar from the surgery and tried to get plastic surgery to fix it. But the scar was too thick and not healing nice. So she designed her own tattoo to cover the ugly scar that she was insecure about all throughout high school. She would never get a tattoo that big, but there is a story behind everything…

Don’t let her beauty and small 5’1 frame fool you, most recently Melissa completed a stint as a bouncer in one of Southern California’s hottest nightclubs! Yes, this feisty Pacific Islander is well trained in defensive tactics and a pair of handcuffs!

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