Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hottest Female Footballers

"Oh!God! it's a male game", cried one of my UAE friend. "..and we definitely don't like to see 'tough' women in sweaty soccer attire!" he continued. Sorry friend soccer and 'tough' women idea no longer exists. Female soccer players could easily become next 'Playboy'! Moreover such sweet ladies playing soccer is what we say 'Sport's added enjoyment'! Enjoy!
Alex Morgan
Team: U.S.A.
Morgan, the youngest player on the United States roster (she's only 22), scored the first goal in yesterday's championship against Japan. Known as the team's fastest runner, she's depended upon whenever Team U.S.A. needs strong offense in quick spurts. After the loss against Japan, she quickly tweeted, "I am a little heart broken. But we left it all on the field, and I am proud of this team." We're willing to bet that there are thousands of guys who've already direct messaged her offering to personally console her. If not, dudes are slacking.
Corine Franco
Team: France
Franco is the base of France's strong defense, but she's also known as an excellent deep-lying (er, soccer terminology) playmaker. She had scored points in two qualifying matches for the World Cup, giving her team a 7-0, and 12-0 victory. Continuing her dedication to her team, on Sunday, during the match against Sweden for third place, she carried injured goalkeeper Berangere Sapowicz on her back.
Team: Sweden
Sweden may have lost to Japan in the semi-finals, but that doesn't necessarily mean Oqvist is out of the headlines. Her first controversy, appearing in Slitz magazine, is now shadowed by a video of her trading jerseys with a fan during a game. What's a better souvenir? The jersey or the memory of Oqvist with her top off? What a no-brainer.
Kate Gill
Team: Australia
Although Gill, the reigning AFC Player of the Year, secured Australia's World Cup berth by scoring the winning goal in the Asian Cup versus Japan last year, she tore a ligament playing for her regular team, Linköpings FC, just prior to the tournament. Gill, a striker who ranks just behind Cheryl Salisbury as Australia's all-time highest goal scorer (with 32 goals), forfeited her spot for surgery and unfortunately watched as her team fell to Brazil.
Kim Kulig
Team: Germany
It seems that with their World Cup hosting duties, Germany was looking to build a team they'd be proud to show off to the rest of the world, and we're not just talking talent. Kulig, a 21-year-old blonde beauty, was arguably the most promising new addition to Germany's World Cup roster this year, not only bringing skills as a midfielder but also a face for international television. Despite her strong performance, Kulig was taken out during the fourth minute in this year's quarterfinals due to a torn ACL; she won't be able to play for the next six months. Don't you wish you were an ice-pack right about now?
Laisa Andrioli
Team: Brazil
Clearly, Brazil not only screwed up once this tournament (with Erika Christiano dos Santos' "injury" during the match versus the U.S.), but twice by not including their hottest player ever in the final lineup. Andriolo, the striker for the Brazilian national team who has actual skill to back up her surprising good looks, was undoubtedly missed on the field by her loyal male following with forums blowing up and questioning her absence. Although the world wasn't exposed to her this year, she still has that 2008 nude (NSFW) pictorial for non-Brazilians to ogle.
Madeleine Giske
Team: Norway
For Giske, the Norwegian midfielder, soccer isn't just a passion—it's in her blood. She's the daughter of Ander Giske, who use to captain the Norwegian National Football Team. After suffering a series of injuries for two years, last year Giske claimed her goal was to be part of the World Cup in 2011. The world gladly welcomed her.
Melissa Barbieri
Team: Australia
As captain of the Australian national team, nickamed the "Matlildas," this goalkeeper led her team to this year's quarter finals. After their loss against Sweden, Barbieri noted that their team's new focus is the 2012 Olympics in London. Meanwhile, Australian men noted that all of their focus was still on Barbieri.
Rachel Unitt
Team: England
Unitt has been voted England's "Player of the Year" twice, and scored three goals in the 2011 World Cup qualifying campaign. Additionally, not many players can say that they won the FA Women's Cup and the Premier League Cup three times. Unitt has quickly become a goalie's worst nightmare, not to mention a man's preferred dream.
Tatiana Ariza
Team: Colombia
Ariza played midfield for Colombia, but, despite having the talented scorer, the team failed to score a single goal during the group phase of the tournament. They were eliminated early with one draw and two losses. Tatiana isn't the only talented soccer player with a pretty face last-named Ariza, though; her twin, Natalia, is one, too.

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